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Ginger Latte

Ginger Latte comes from the great royal ginger bread family. He follows his family to Europe in 992. They teach the Europeans to bake gingerbread to preserve ginger. In 1960s, Ginger Latte finished his long journey and stayed in Shropshire of England. He owned his bakery and sold traditional ginger bread and later become the town’s welcome sign. He is the best friend of Queen Elizabeth I, and allegedly served the figurines to foreign dignitaries. Ginger Latte is a wine lover, especially port wine. He always show a red smiley face while got drunk.

Ginger Latte造型玩具

Ginger Latte來自偉大的皇家薑餅家族。公元992年, 他跟隨家人到達歐洲並他們教授當地人使用薑餅保存。20世紀60年代,Ginger Latte完成了他漫長的旅程,定居於英格蘭的Shropshire。 他開設自己的麵包店,出售傳統的薑,後來成為該鎮的地方標誌。 他是伊麗莎白女王一世最好的朋友,據稱曾為伊麗莎白女王一世以傳統的薑餅招待外國貴賓。

Ginger Latte是一個餐酒愛好者,特別是波特酒。 他醉了時總是顯示一個紅色的笑臉。


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