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Pomme & Latte正式進多駐尖沙咀The One啦。多謝 MONOS嘅邀請,可以與一眾美國英雄同知名設本地設計師同台,真係好開心呀。
快啲黎The One探下Pomme & Latte,仲有好多新嘅精品同聖誕禮品會同大家見面,宜家購買任何貨品都有限量版贈品送俾你,一齊睇下Grand Opening嘅盛況~

Monos International - The Art Gift Shops
L321, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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追蹤IG - Pommestagram : http://bit.ly/followPommestagram ======================
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