About Us

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Pomme Collection is founded in 2007 by Yoyo Szeto and designer Eric Ng, which is a brand of Hong Kong-based design unit, Studio Invitro.

Pomme means “Apple” in French, which is the name of Yoyo first pet companion. In the same year, while Apple passed away, Yoyo and Eric established the brand “Pomme”, to memorise the most important Maltese in their life.

We hope this smart and lovely white Maltese become its avatar “Pomme”, and enter his new adventure in the Rainbow Bridge happily.

Our products act as a canvas, reappearing the unique character of Pomme, and tell the interesting story in the amazing horizons. Through Pomme Collection, we share the happiness and joyful moment from our four-legs angel, aware us to rethink the relationship with our heartwarming little Fluffy.

Philosophy of Pomme

“Design with love, for our love” is our company philosophy. As early as the product in a concept stage, designers will try to think of every detail in the view of our fluffy friends and consider the suitability and comfort. All the product share a primary function, the ability to get the owner and their pet close, after all, the most valuable present to the pet is the care and love from their owner.

Care about the society

Besides being an earth-friendly company, Pomme works closely with New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association which is is a leading non-governmental organisation specialising in mental health. The worker in NLPRA sheltered workshops plays a major role in packaging process of Pomme’s products.

Pomme is also actively supporting the local animal rescue non-profit organisation included Hong Kong Dog Rescue, SPCA.

We strive to offer the quality in customer service. For all questions, comments or special product requests please don’t be hesitated to contact us at info@pommecollection.com