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Welcome to Studio Invitro, where creativity and innovation meet to bring enchanting characters like Pomme to life! As you consider partnering with us for your licensing needs, we are excited to share the core strengths that make our brand, Pomme, an outstanding choice for your projects:

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Design Capability

Studio Invitro, a Hong Kong-based design unit, specializes in creating compelling branding and graphics that resonate with audiences. We are dedicated to crafting visually captivating and emotionally engaging designs. Our expertise allows us to create detailed, high-quality character representations that resonate with audiences across various demographics.

Variety of Styles

Pomme, our beloved character, is versatile and adaptable, embodying a range of styles that can seamlessly integrate into diverse product lines and marketing initiatives. Whether you're looking for something whimsically cute or boldly adventurous, Pomme's various character styles can meet the specific aesthetic and thematic needs of your brand.

New Theme Every Season

To keep our brand dynamic and engaging, we introduce new themes for Pomme every season. This strategy ensures that our content remains fresh, relevant, and exciting, providing our partners with continual opportunities to refresh their offerings and captivate their audiences with new, innovative products.

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