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All Natural Mackerel Jerky Slivers 100g

All Natural Mackerel Jerky Slivers 100g

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全天然澳洲鯖魚乾條條 100克

Pomme - All Natural Goods 無添加零食系列選用澳洲及紐西蘭出產的一級天然食材,絕不含有任何添加劑,糖,防腐劑,或色素;經過長時間低溫烘培,可以保留原材料中的豐富營養,並能提昇食材旨味。

All Natural Goods全天然澳洲鯖魚乾條條 選用澳洲野生灰鯖魚,不含任何激素,經過時間低溫烘培後,製成無添加和營養豐富的小食,是最適合猫狗享用的天然小食。

魚肉小食是非常健康及安全的肉類代替品,特別是對於肉類食物這容易敏感的猫狗,因為魚肉蛋白含有較少致敏原。澳洲野生灰鯖魚生長於清潔水域,蘊含豐富Omega 3s,有助增加低抗力,降低感染風險。

  • 猫狗都適合享用
  • 豐富OMEGA 3
  • 低脂小食
  • 含有豐富維他命
  • 容易折成小塊,方便餵食

◢  OMEGA 3 的益處  ◣
• 減少對狗狗耳道由酵母、真菌或細菌引起的感染。
• 對過敏性和炎症性皮膚病的有治療這效用。
• 降低心血管疾病的風險
• 對潰瘍性結腸炎,炎症性腸病和類風濕關節炎有療效作用
• 含有豐富的抗氧化物,幫助細胞自我修復


All Natural Mackerel Jerky Slivers 100g

Made from simply all-natural Australian Grey Mackerel, the Mackerel Jerky Slivers dog treats are the perfect, healthy treat for your best friend. As with all of our pet treats, they contain no additives, such as sugar, preservatives, or colours. These treats can generally be broken up to be used for training or eaten whole for a delicious snack for small to medium dogs.

Fish dog treats are a perfect alternative for dogs with allergies. Plus, they contain omega 3 which has countless health benefits. As with any fish product they can also be a fantastic treat for your cat too.

  • Good for Dog & Cat
  • Rich of OMEGA 3
  • Low Fat Treats
  • Rich of Vitamins
  • Easily Broken up for Feed

◢  Benefits of OMEGA 3 
• Reduces infections caused by yeast, fungi, or bacteria in dogs ears.
• Treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions
• Reduces risk of cardiovascular problems
• Assists in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis
• A high source of antioxidants that help cells repair themselves.

Product Code :  PMSN61021
Country of Origin: Australia
Ingredients 100% Australian Mackerel
Net Weight 100g
EAN 2734178610218
Nutritional Analysis
Protein : 68.9g
Total Fats : 11.8g
Carbohydrates : <0.1g
Moisture : <8g
Energy : 437.38 kcal

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