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Dental Stick - Pomme

Dental Stick - Pomme

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About Pomme
Pomme grow up in a small village of Midguard. Franky and silly Pomme is everyone’s friend. He is a considerate and helpful person. In one christmas, the World Map knock the door of curiosity. To broaden his horizons, Pomme starts his long adventurous journey with the support of Latte and family. Carrots is on Pomme’s ignore list, while chocolate ice cream is his companion. 

Pomme 出生於中土近郊的一個小村莊,和家人同住。樂天爽直,帶點傻氣的天性令Pomme人緣甚佳,而樂於助人及為人設想的性格更令Pomme結識了不少知己良朋。 在某年聖誕收到的一幅世界地圖開啟了好奇心的大門,為了認識世界,Pomme在兒時玩伴和家人的鼓勵支持下,開展了歷險的旅程,並在各地認識了多位好友。 最愛吃巧克力冰淇淋,最怕吃胡蘿蔔。

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