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Pomme Costume - Silly Sammy Hippo

Pomme Costume - Silly Sammy Hippo

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Pomme Costume - Silly Sammy Hippo

Pomme's clothes are made with comfortable cutting and selected materials. Attractive color makes your dogs so outstanding and cute.

Pomme Collection變裝系列 - 傻氣河馬森美


Sammy lives in a southern coastal city. He is kind but bold, he shows his strong character while meet Pomme in the first time. Sammy is imaginative and creative. As a full time day dreamer, giggle is a signature of Sammy. He is also the source of joy among friends, his original joke meet professional standard. Dots pattern is his favourite, he keens in styling. Sammy worked in convenient shop as a part time, just because he want to wear the limited edition uniform designed by a famous designer.

森美住在一個位於南方沿海的城市。他十分善良卻又冒失,和Pomme相識的過程就是一件趣事;當時初到步的Pomme向路過的森美問路,熱心的森美二話不說便帶Pomme到目的地,最後二人卻一同迷了路,需要向別人求助。 森美想像力豐富,時常發白日夢,常常面帶傻笑;但他原創的笑話卻很有質數,是朋友圈中的開心果。 他喜愛波點圖案,異常愛打扮,曾因為便利店有特別版的製服而當兼職店員。


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