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Pomme Costume - Gentle Maize Leo

Pomme Costume - Gentle Maize Leo

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Pomme Costume - Gentle Maize Leo

Pomme's clothes are made with comfortable cutting and selected materials. Attractive color makes your dogs so outstanding and cute.

Pomme Collection變裝系列 - 和善獅子美斯


About Maize Leo
The home town of Maize locates at the Northern Continent, Maize is now living in a small town at North part of Midguard. Young Maize is a gifted chef and acts as a cooking teacher of Pomme. As a vegetarian, Maize can easily apply an ancestral recipe of meat to his own vegetable dish, which amazed everyone. Maize loves to think, can always resolve difficulties in a unique way. His calm and charisma make him solve any conflict between friends. He treasures friends and believes friendship is the most valuable gems in life.

美斯的家鄉位於北方,現定居於中土北面的小鎮。 年紀小小卻喜歡下廚,是Pomme廚藝的啟蒙老師;作為素食主意者卻能將北方處理肉食的廚技運用到素菜中,吃過的人都嘖嘖稱奇。 美斯喜愛思考,對事情的看法十分獨特,令Pomme羨慕不已。冷靜又具親和力的他,常輕易朋友之間解決爭拗。美斯相信朋友是人生中的槐寶,時常邀請朋友到家中作客,相聚良朋。


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