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Pomme Collection

Mobile Cleaner

Mobile Cleaner

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P1A101 - P1A104

Gift Your Care. The microfiber cloth of our mobile cleaner allows you to clean your mobile photo easily with our beloved character. Our Gadgets includes ROSE fragrant which bring you the feeling of warmth.

Pomme P1A101
POMME, our main character who plays very hard and loves snacks.

Latte  P1A102
LATTE, our main character who is clever and calm.
LATTE, 我們品牌的主角,十分聰明和冷靜。

Red Panda Pomme P1A103
Our main character Pomme wearing the Red Panda Costume.

Deer Latte P1A104
Our main character Latte wearing the Deer Costume.

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