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Pomme Genki Bandana - Pomme Monogram Blue

Pomme Genki Bandana - Pomme Monogram Blue

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Pomme Genki Bandana 神氣巾

Pomme Genki Bandana,又稱為“神氣巾”,是一款時尚的寵物圍巾,讓您的狗狗戴上後立刻顯得自信十足。當您的可愛寵物戴上這款圍巾時,它們會驕傲地挺起胸膛,散發出活力和時尚感。

以下是 Pomme Genki Bandana 的一些主要特點:

  • 人手製作:每條圍巾都是精心手工製作的,確保為您的寵物提供高品質且獨具特色的配件。
  • 正反兩面設計:可翻轉的設計讓這款圍巾提供四種不同的佩戴方式,為您的寵物提供各種時尚造型。
  • 3段式調整領圍:3段式調整系統確保各種尺寸的中小型犬都能舒適且安全地佩戴。
  • 採用啪鈕而非魔術貼:為了降低損傷寵物毛髮的風險,圍巾使用啪鈕而非魔術貼作為固定方式。

Pomme Genki Bandana 是展示寵物個性和風格的完美配件。它不僅讓您的狗狗看起來時尚,還能提升它們的自信和活力。用 Pomme Genki Bandana 這款時尚實用的配件,為您的毛茸茸的朋友帶來風格和活力的禮物,成為每個寵物主人收藏中的亮點。


Introducing the Pomme Genki Bandana: A Stylish Accessory for Your Pet

The Pomme Genki Bandana, Genki means Stay Healthy and looks shinny in Japanese , is a fashionable pet accessory that instantly boosts your dog's confidence. When your adorable pup wears this bandana, they'll proudly puff out their chest and exude an aura of energy and style.

Here are some key features of the Pomme Genki Bandana:

  • Handmade: Each bandana is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring a high-quality and unique accessory for your pet.
  • Double-Sided Design: With a reversible design, this bandana offers four different ways to wear it, giving your pet a variety of stylish looks.
  • Adjustable Neck Circumference: The two-part adjustment system ensures a comfortable and secure fit for small to medium-sized dogs of various sizes.
  • Snap Buttons Instead of Velcro: To minimize the risk of damage to your pet's fur, the bandana uses snap buttons rather than Velcro for fastening.

The Pomme Genki Bandana is a perfect accessory to showcase your pet's personality and style. Not only does it make your dog look fashionable, but it also boosts their confidence and energy. Give your furry friend the gift of style and energy with the Pomme Genki Bandana – a chic and functional accessory for every pet owner's collection.




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