Pomme Sweater - Smart Jeff Marmot



Pomme Sweater - Smart Jeff Marmot

Pomme's clothes are made with comfortable cutting and selected materials. Attractive color makes your dogs so outstanding and cute.

Pomme Collection衛衣-聰穎土撥鼠傑夫


Jeff is gifted and keen on Architecture and History. Acknowledged by Grandpa that his ancestor had been Geocentric Country, Jeff did a lot of research about Geocentric and grabbed many information on his own. His persistent and optimistic character makes Jeff to be the idol of Pomme. But the naughty side of Jeff sometimes makes his fiends headache. Everytime Jeff meets Tyro, they can create a brand new trick to tease the others. Kakigori is Jeff’s favourite but green bean is never on the list.



Product Code : PMAP61002 


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