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PommeSnuggle - Naughty Tyro Dino

PommeSnuggle - Naughty Tyro Dino

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PommeSnuggle - Naughty Tyro Dino

Dogs will only sleep well in a comfortable and safe place. The design of PommSnuggle is based on the physiology of dogs, which can provide a comfortable private space for your lovable dogs.

PommeSnuggle睡床 - 淘氣恐龍泰萊


About Tyro Dino
Tyro is a smart and brave boy, friendship is the most important thing in his life. He enjoys in teasing Pomme all day. Tyro meets Pomme in a journey of ancient village located in dessert. He is a descendant of Dino tribe in geocentric country, but he doesn’t know his origin. Hamburger is Tyro’s first choice of food, he always reply a smile while Pomme ask for the reason. Tyro is good at Hip-Hop dance, and shows talent in sport. His verbal quirk is “BEEPOK”, may comes from English “Be Pop”. 

泰萊是一個非常重視友情,勇敢,並且非常聰明的人,十分喜歡作弄Pomme。他和Pomme的認識源於一次到沙漠古城的探險。其實泰萊是地心國恐龍族的後裔,但到現在他自己還未知道。 泰萊十分喜歡吃漢堡,當別人問起原因時他總露出一個自滿的笑容,Pomme對此大感不惑。 他善長Hip-Hop舞蹈,對運動甚有天份。口頭禪是BEEPOK,估計是來自英語“Be Pop”。


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