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PommeSnuggle - Shyly Kappa Kawataro

PommeSnuggle - Shyly Kappa Kawataro

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PommeSnuggle - Shyly Kappa Kawataro

Dogs will only sleep well in a comfortable and safe place. The design of PommSnuggle is based on the physiology of dogs, which can provide a comfortable private space for your lovable dogs.



About Kappa Kawataro
Kappa is the first foreigner friend of Pomme, they meet during Pomme’s first adventure out of Midguard. 
Kappa is a adventurous person, full of sense of justice. He is a member of kawataro tribe, which lives in an eastern island country - Valcanoica. Green tea and Seafood are his favorite, especially mackerel with sea salt. 
Kappa always sings a lullaby with an unknown dialect, it is lovely but make Pomme very frustrated as he cannot understand a word...



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