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PommeSnuggle - Silly Sammy Hippo

PommeSnuggle - Silly Sammy Hippo

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PommeSnuggle - Silly Sammy Hippo

Dogs will only sleep well in a comfortable and safe place. The design of PommSnuggle is based on the physiology of dogs, which can provide a comfortable private space for your lovable dogs.

PommeSnuggle睡床 - 傻氣河馬森美


About Sammy Hippo
Sammy lives in a southern coastal city. He is kind but bold, he shows his strong character while meet Pomme in the first time.
Sammy is imaginative and creative. As a full time day dreamer, giggle is a signature of Sammy. He is also the source of joy among friends, his original joke meet professional standard.
Dots pattern is his favourite, he keens in styling. Sammy worked in convenient shop as a part time, just because he want to wear the limited edition uniform designed by a famous designer. 



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