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Pomme Sweater - Lovely Oliveira Penguin

Pomme Sweater - Lovely Oliveira Penguin

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Pomme Sweater - Lovely Oliveira Penguin

Pomme's clothes are made with comfortable cutting and selected materials. Attractive color makes your dogs so outstanding and cute.

Pomme Collection衛衣-可愛企鵝奧利維拉


Oliveira is the neighbour of Sammy, they share their fashion tips with each other time by time. In every summer, Oliveira and her family have to join a traditional ceremony in their hometown, Kingdom of Iceland. It makes Oliveira puzzled as she would really love to join the annual fashion week organized at the same time as the ceremony. She works as part time in the convenience shop with Sammy. With Pomme’s encouragement, she makes a step to go after her dream, to become a designer.
Oliveira is a gifted athletics, but maths will make her dizzle. She loves to stay with family and friends. Pudding is her favorite.

奧利維拉一家和森美住在同一區,常常和森美分享時裝心得。基於傳統,每年夏天也要舉家回到家鄉- 冰之國出席祭典,令奧利維拉十分頭痛,因為中土每年一度的時裝周也是在夏天舉行,為了令家人開心才假裝不在乎。閒時和森美到便利店當兼職,夢想成為設計師。經過Pomme的鼓勵後,現在立下了決心,追求理想。天生的運動健將,數學是奧利維拉弱點; 愛家庭,也享受熱鬧的活動。最愛吃布甸。


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