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PommeTote - Smart Jeff Marmot

PommeTote - Smart Jeff Marmot

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PommeTote - Smart Jeff Marmot

PommeTote is the system to make your puppies play its role as companion other than a burden. The sophisticated design let us bring our pet going out easily and effortlessly, at the same time, PommeTote provides a comfortable travelling experience.



About Jeff Marmot
Jeff is gifted and keen on Architecture and History. Acknowledged by Grandpa that his ancestor had been Geocentric Country, Jeff did a lot of research about Geocentric and grabbed many information on his own. His persistent and optimistic character makes Jeff to be the idol of Pomme. But the naughty side of Jeff sometimes makes his fiends headache. Every time Jeff meets Tyro, they can create a brand new trick to tease the others. Kakigori is Jeff’s favourite but green bean is never on the list. 

傑夫 馬莫克
傑夫對建築及歷史有著濃厚興趣及天份,在爺爺口中得知祖先曾到過地心世界後,便靠自己的力量發掘了大量關於地心王國的資料。傑夫堅毅並樂天的個性成為Pomme面對困難時的榜樣,但傑夫淘氣的一面卻令朋友們十分苦惱。每當傑夫和泰萊在一起,便是朋友們擔心的時侯,因為他們每次都能想到作弄人的新點子。 傑夫最喜歡吃刨冰,青豆是傑夫的剋星


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